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Out of the Soup – Dylan Storey

Auckland based musician Dylan Storey is quite the man about town, if psychedelic blues and country rock are are your thing. His third album Out of the Soup was released in late 2009, and guiltily, I have only just picked it up to listen to now. What a fool I’ve been. Chucking it on my headphones during a recent trudge to work I was mesmerized. Taking the reigns from such big alt-country names as Wilco and Ryan Adams, Storey has managed to imbue Soup with country ambience a plenty while also managing to produce a thoroughly Kiwi-sounding album. In these Fat Freddy’s Drop/Wellington Sound saturation times, it is no mean feat to take a different musical path and still manage to make an album that sounds like home. Out of the Soup contains input from a plethora of local musicians including Gareth Scott and Reb Fountain, while the lyrical content of the album ranges from traveling salesmen to politics to expensive cars and WWII. The closing track is even a genius bit of psychedelia lasting a full eight minutes. Don’t be the fool I was and go listen to this album immediately!
Rozzy Middleton