Jamming The Wall

Jamming The Wall

I was lucky enough to be able to jam with these gentlemen last Friday. A group of good friends, we were drawn together on this occasion by a mutual love of Pink Floyd. For quite a while we’d been talking about having a crack at playing right through The Wall album.

Well we actually made it about 3/4 of the way through before we got lost in the crazy bits at the end. Some parts we nailed and some we fumbled through. But the magic was there. It’s pretty amazing to be able to play with these guys and be able to get so far through such an epic album without prior planning.

Perhaps this could be the start of a concept performance in the medium future…..


Johnny Barker - drums

Johnny Barker – drums

Jared Kahi - bass, vocals

Jared Kahi – bass, vocals

Brendon Morrow - Keyboards, Vocals

Brendon Morrow – Keyboards, Vocals