The Boy Next Door – Nick Cave tribute show


The Boy Next Door – Nick Cave tribute show

I’ve been working on this amazing show playing the songs of Nick Cave (in celebration of his 60th birthday). The main reason it’s amazing (apart from the songs), is the people I get to work with. Lineup includes:

Reb Fountain – vocals, guitar, piano, synth

Dave Khan – guitar, piano, synth, backing vocals

Ben Wooley – bass, lead and backing vocals

Logan Compain – drums

Dylan Storey – guitar, backing vocals, flute

It’s been a tricky job arranging these songs to do them justice, but thanks to the musical genius of Dave Khan and the vocal prowess of Reb Fountain we’ve managed to pull it off.

Playing a bunch of gigs around the country. For tickets and more info click here 

Update – Read Marty Duda’s review of the Auckland show here –