Border Radio guest slot


Border Radio guest slot

I’ve been invited up to do a guest feature slot on Border Radio this Sunday (June 4th), with Bernie Griffin. The Subject is the Allman Brothers band, following from the death of Gregg Allman last Sunday.

The Allman Brothers have been one of my biggest influences over the years. I learned to play guitar by listening to their records and have followed Gregg Allman all through his solo career.

We’ll be chatting about the Gregg and about music and playing some songs. There are so many great Allman Brothers songs to play, but some of Gregg’s gems also come from his solo period. Below is one of my favourite tracks from his 80s solo album ‘Just Before the Bullets Fly’. Enjoy.

Tune in for more this Sunday 7:00-9:00 on 95bfm.

Update – 

You can download the show podcast here –

We even played a couple of songs live! (With basically no rehearsals).