Dylan Storey is an Auckland based musician who has become known in New Zealand for his psychedelic blues/country/rock guitar style.

He releases original material as well as working as a guitarist for hire in several bands around Auckland and the north Island. Also soundtrack music and audio engineering. 

Other/previous bands:
  • Reb Fountain and the bandits
  • Eyreton Hall
  • John Kempt and Redbyrd
  • Tom Irvine Band
  • Bond Street Bridge
  • Nightchoir
  • Nina McSweeney Band
  • Fleur Jack and the Jandals


Solo albums:

2017 – ‘Phobos and Deimos’ EP

2010 – ‘The Power of Suggestion’ EP

2008 – ‘Out of the Soup’
2006 – ‘Bones’
2005 – ‘Up in the Rough’

The first Single off ‘Bones’, ‘Luckyland’ featured on the 95bfm top 10 and the Kiwi FM top 10.

The song ‘The Water’ off ‘Up in the Rough’ reached Number 1 on the 95bfm top 10 and featured in the Kiwi FM top 10.

Other history:

Dylan toured extensively around Scandinavia and Northern Europe from 1999 – 2001 as a troubadour. Performing solo in bars with a wide range of cover and original songs.