Latest song –

Weary Traveller

Latest song –

Aided by Chaos

Drop in the Ocean

It Gets Better

Covid original #5 –

Divide by Zero

Covid original #4 –

Economy of Scale

Foreign Sands.

Lockdown original #3.  Inspired by thinking about ancestors, researching my family tree, war records, connecting with family in India and the upcoming Clarice Cliff movie.

Dylan Storey – guitars, vocals, flute
Dave Khan – Violin, Viola, Synths, Mellotron
Gareth Scott – Drums
Chip Matthews – Bass
Brendon Morrow – Piano

Auckland musician Dylan Storey is known for solo releases as well as lending guitar and vocals to a number of different bands, including:

Bond Street Bridge

and Reb Fountain band

Dylan also does soundtrack music and audio engineering, as well as playing in covers bands.