Fano Standard JM6

This is my main gigging guitar. It is a high quality built with a fat well rounded sound that makes it great for most situations.


Gretsch Jet Electromatic Pro with TV Jones Supertrons

A pickup upgrade transformed this from an average guitar to a great guitar. It has a spanking Gretsch twang, great for country and blues but works for rock as well. The midrange push makes it more useful as a character piece rather than an all round guitar, but it adds a wonderful presence to the right musical situation.


Gibson Firebird

While known as a rock guitar this also works surprisingly well for jazz and soul music. Great 70s rock style solos but on the neck pickup it has a nice smooth punch.


Fender Stratocaster

An essential part of the arsenal of any guitarist. This strat is fitted with Tom Anderson pickups giving it a slightly higher output and a more ‘Gilmourish’ kind of tone.


K Yairi acoustic

Beautiful soft toned acoustic guitar. Records really well with a mic or via the pickup.


Regal Dobro

The classic steely sound of the dobro is a great touch on certain recordings. I play this with slide for a southern rock or country-blues sound. This was my main solo performance guitar for a long time and has been all around the world with me.


Ibanez mandolin

Mandolin is a handy addition to studio sessions. It adds a great percussive and melodic enhancement to a track. I enjoy playing mandolin when I get a chance.



Hiwatt Custom 50

This is an incredible amp. Capable of huge volumes it also sounds good at low volumes and its compact size makes it portable (although it weighs a tonne).

This is my main gigging amp. Miles of clean headroom make it a perfect platform for pedals and to sculpt different sounds on top of.

Classic British tones with added versatility.


Ceriatone Plexi 50 with 2 x 12 custom Celestion G12-65s


This is a boutique clone of a 60 Marshall Plexi JMP. It gives that classic 60s rock sound (think Cream, Hendrix, Free etc).

All handwired with a custom made cabinet this is a top quality amp. Great for blues and rock gigs that need that special sound.

Not suitable for gigs where a clean sound is needed (i.e soul, funk etc).


Jansen 6 35 head

Although I love British amps there are times when a Fender style sound is needed. Enter the Jansen – an original 1960s NZ made version of the Fender Bassman.

A lovely warm amp with heaps of Fender style twang when needed.

Records really well, a great studio tool. However being 50 years old I wouldn’t want to take it out on the road.